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On this blog, our passion is old flooring. We love nothing more than seeing an old floor restored so it looks as good as new. We aren't experts when it comes to this subject but we have been watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and reading tonnes of articles. We have even tried out some of the methods and we have had some great results. We will be looking at how to restore timber flooring, how to remove stains from carpets, and how to work with damaged paving stones. We hope you enjoy reading the articles you find here. Thank you.



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3 Great Reasons Timber Flooring Should Be Your First Flooring Option

One of the vital decisions you must make when remodelling your home or constructing a new one installing a great floor. However, it's sometimes tricky because you have to know the kind of flooring material you will use. Since flooring is a vital part of your internal design, it's advisable to choose a flooring material that makes your home appealing. Also, ensure the flooring will be easy to install and maintain and can last long. 

To invest in the most suitable flooring, familiarise yourself with the top flooring materials the market offers today. Timber is perhaps among the most appealing flooring materials you will come across. This type of floor is not new, but it has been on high demand for many years because of its many indisputable benefits. Here are the advantages of installing a timber floor in your home.

It Makes Your Home Look More Appealing

Everyone desires to live in a place that's appealing to the eye. When you install timber flooring, you will enhance the appearance of your home in a great way. Timber offers a neutral look, which gives your home a natural feel that other materials might not easily provide. A timber floor will make you feel relaxed every time you enter the house. Also, your visitors will sense the warm feeling and be more comfortable when they enter your home.

It Helps Safeguard Your Health

Another aspect that makes timber flooring an excellent choice is that it collects minimal dust compared to other options. In fact, pests like dust mites don't easily thrive in timber floors, and this means your family won't be subjected to allergic reactions that come with these pests. 

Moreover, these floors are not excellent breeding areas for bacteria, meaning you may not experience some health risks that people using other flooring options usually experience. 

It Boosts Cleanliness

Timber is among the flooring materials that are easier to clean. All you need is a soft brush, wet cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust and debris on the floor. Mopping the timber floor is also easy, and it helps eliminate dust, odours or stains.

Timber flooring enhances your home's appearance, boosts cleanliness, safeguards your health and ensures you breathe quality air. For this reason, consider timber floors when renovating your home or constructing a new one. And because timber floors come in different types, know the varying options available so you can invest in the most suitable flooring option.