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On this blog, our passion is old flooring. We love nothing more than seeing an old floor restored so it looks as good as new. We aren't experts when it comes to this subject but we have been watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and reading tonnes of articles. We have even tried out some of the methods and we have had some great results. We will be looking at how to restore timber flooring, how to remove stains from carpets, and how to work with damaged paving stones. We hope you enjoy reading the articles you find here. Thank you.



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Two Reasons Why Homeowners Should Have Their Floor Tiles Professionally Cleaned

Here are two reasons why homeowners who need to clean their floor tiles should use professional tile cleaning services, rather than doing this work themselves.

A tile-cleaning expert will be better able to clean the tiles to a much higher standard

Floor tiles can get incredibly dirty, especially when they are exposed to lots of foot traffic. One reason why homeowners should leave the cleaning of their floor tiles to an expert is that a professional will be better equipped to deep-clean and restore the appearance of the tiles, even if they're extremely dirty. This is partly because of this professional's extensive experience with cleaning tiles, and partly because they will have a range of commercial-grade tile-cleaning tools that will help them to get this task done to a high standard.

For example, they may use a rotary power scrubber to easily remove multiple layers of dirt off a set of floor tiles. Likewise, they may use a steam cleaner to soften any old grease on the tiles. They might also use steam cleaners for the purposes of sanitising the floor tiles and the grouting. If they need to remove old dried-on foods, they might use a water-filled pressure-cleaning tool to rapidly break up the bits of food. In some instances, they might then use a wet-dry vacuum to pick up the wet debris from the tiles. Collectively, all of these tools can help an expert tile cleaner to transform an extremely unclean tiled floor into a beautifully clean one.

Those who provide floor tile cleaning services know how to do this work safely

Another reason homeowners should use floor tile cleaning services is that those who do this work professionally know how to wash delicate, valuable floor tiles safely, without damaging them. Doing this requires a level of cleaning knowledge and experience that the average person probably does not have.

For example, if a homeowner has some expensive but very unclean marble floor tiles in their home, and they try to deep-clean the tiles themselves, they could do a lot of damage to them. If they were to use an acid-based cleaning product to get rid of some stubborn dirt, this could dull and leave unsightly etching on these delicate tiles. Likewise, if a homeowner decided to use some scouring pads to scrub the dirt off their glossy floor tiles, and they used too much pressure, they could scratch the tiles so much that they would never be shiny again.

However, a tile-cleaning expert will know how to clean any type of tile perfectly, without damaging it. They will have a selection of stain removers designed for different tile materials (such as ceramic, marble, limestone, etc.) and will know which of these will be safe to use on certain types of tile, as well as the correct method for the safe application and removal of each stain remover. Additionally, they will know how much pressure they can safely apply when using tools like their rotary scrubbing brush, to get dirt off a tile without scratching it. They will also be able to recognise instances in which they may need to take a gentler approach to clean a tile (by, for example, manually rubbing it with a clean toothbrush).

Call a tile cleaning professional to learn more.