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On this blog, our passion is old flooring. We love nothing more than seeing an old floor restored so it looks as good as new. We aren't experts when it comes to this subject but we have been watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and reading tonnes of articles. We have even tried out some of the methods and we have had some great results. We will be looking at how to restore timber flooring, how to remove stains from carpets, and how to work with damaged paving stones. We hope you enjoy reading the articles you find here. Thank you.



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Trends to Help You Make the Most of Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood is by no means a new entrant into the flooring industry. While this material has been around for decades on end, it is not coincidental that it remains relevant to date! In addition to the unequalled grandeur that this material adds to a space, the longevity and durability that it offers when well-maintained makes it worth the hefty price tag. Not to mention that hardwood floors automatically increase the value of your property, making this option a lifetime investment.

Nonetheless, some people may feel that if they have seen one hardwood floor, they have seen them all. And while some designs may seem similar, this does not mean your residence's timber flooring cannot have its own character. If you want your hardwood floors to stand out, here are a couple of trends to help you make the most of timber flooring installation.

1. Broad planks of wood

Not many people know that they can experiment with different sizes of planks when they opt for hardwood flooring installation, as they assume this type of floor must be available in standard sizes. But while you cannot have excessively wide planks, you do have the flexibility of choosing broader options than the traditional profile typically utilised in residential applications. Going wide with your flooring planks provides you with a couple of advantages.

Firstly, the hardwood flooring takes centre stage and presents the opportunity to make it the focal point in a room rather than it being overshadowed by other interior design elements. Secondly, the wider the planks, the more the eye has to travel and this creates the perception of expansiveness in the room. If the effortless grandeur of hardwood flooring is what attracted you to this material in the first place, you should maximise on this character tic by opting for broad planks of wood.

2. Light hues or distressed finishes

Although several people automatically envision dark, rich-hued finishes when picturing hardwood floors, this is not the preferred aesthetic for the discerning millennial. And if you are looking to enhance the illumination in your interiors with your flooring, it is best to lean toward a more neutral colour in either a light hue or, for visual interest, a distressed finish.

Light coloured hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular because of how they blend in seamlessly in contemporary homes. Unlike dark hardwood floors that are synonymous with formality, their lighter-hued counterparts have a more relaxing feel while still adding a touch of undeniable elegance to whichever room they are installed. If your home is characterised by beach-inspired interior décor, you should consider distressed hardwood floors. Not only will a distressed finish add a unique artistic element to your interiors but it also ensures that your hardwood floors will age beautifully over the years.

For more insight, contact timber floor installation companies.