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On this blog, our passion is old flooring. We love nothing more than seeing an old floor restored so it looks as good as new. We aren't experts when it comes to this subject but we have been watching hours and hours of YouTube videos and reading tonnes of articles. We have even tried out some of the methods and we have had some great results. We will be looking at how to restore timber flooring, how to remove stains from carpets, and how to work with damaged paving stones. We hope you enjoy reading the articles you find here. Thank you.



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Is Coating Your Concrete Garage Floor With Epoxy A Necessary Measure?

Concrete is undeniably the staple supply for garage flooring and a majority of exterior flooring applications. This material is sturdy, so it is capable of withstanding the weight of vehicles coupled with constant foot traffic. But one drawback most homeowners can agree with when it comes to the durability of concrete is the eventual cracking and crumbling that it experiences. And when you take into account that unfinished concrete is already unappealing, damaged concrete flooring will degrade the overall appearance of your garage. Rather than wait for concrete replacement to be your only solution, you should opt for an epoxy floor coating. Although typically correlated with warehouses and other commercial spaces, coating your concrete garage floor with epoxy will prove to be advantageous in the following ways.

Incomparable endurance

As mentioned above, concrete is renowned for its innate strength. Nevertheless, when this material is exposed to external forces such as impact in its unfinished state, it is bound to deteriorate at a steady pace. An epoxy floor coating, conversely, not only prevents this from happening but also provides your garage with incomparable endurance. The liquid consistency of the epoxy when it is first applied may make you think that it will not be as resilient as the concrete floor. However, when the epoxy dries and consolidate, it forms a tough polymer that is resistant to virtually all types of damage. Whether it is exposed to chemicals, heavy impacts or even fluid leaks from your vehicle, the epoxy floor coating will not succumb to deterioration. Therefore, you can rest assured that this coating will extend the life of your garage flooring substantially.

Extraordinary cost-efficiency

When you envision flooring supplies that are highly functional in various applications while simultaneously adding visual appeal to your space, you automatically assume they come with a high price tag. While this is correct for some materials, it surprisingly does not apply to epoxy floor coatings. When you compare this type of flooring option with other alternatives that offer the same endurance, you will find that epoxy is the most affordable solution overall. In addition to this, since epoxy is applied directly over the pre-existing flooring in your garage, you will not have to pay for concrete removal, and this keeps your installation costs low. Furthermore, when you take into account the durability that epoxy floor coatings offer, you can rest assured you will not be spending money on incessant repairs. So if you want to enjoy cost savings for the long term, you should coat your garage floor with epoxy.